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Mumbai - Delhi

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Hello everyone and anyone!

A few years ago I traveled to South America, writing the whole way what I did there, places I visited, and some people that I met. This time around I'm going to India.

The whole idea for this came to me a few months ago, and was then encouraged by Omer, my best friend for the past 18 years. In mid January, Omer went there to meet his girlfriend, Noya, and travel with her for as long as he could. We talked about the possibility of me joining them as soon as I can. Omer was with me in South America, but only for a short time, before I chose to abandon everyone and go my own way. We never had a proper chance to really travel together, until now.
I've decided I want to travel to India this time, because many of my friends from my platoon were there the same time that I was in South America. They never stop talking about the places, the people, the things to do and to see, and they've always talked about it with more enthusiasm than I could ever have had for the places I visited. There must be something there that makes it so special, and I want to know what it is.

To my family, I love you all, I will submit as many posts as I can so that you'll all know what's going on with me. I wish you wouldn't worry so much.
To my friends, I love you too, and I wish more of you could come with me.

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